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How long do bronze plaques last?

A bronze plaque can last for centuries if it is properly cared for. Bronze is a strong, corrosion-resistant material that does not easily corrode or tarnish. Cleaning bronze plaques regularly and protecting them from the elements can help them last for many years.

How do you clean a bronze memorial plaque?

To clean a bronze memorial plaque, you should start by using a soft cloth to wipe off any dirt and debris. Next, use a mild soap and water solution and a soft cloth to gently scrub the plaque. You can also use a brush to remove any stubborn dirt or debris. Once the plaque is clean, you can use a copper or brass polish to give it a shine. Read more here…

What is the difference between a memorial marker and a plaque?

Memorial markers and plaques are both used to commemorate people or events, but they are slightly different. Memorial markers are typically larger and may include a statue or other monument. Plaques are smaller and can be mounted on a wall, post, or other surface. Plaques typically have a text inscription that commemorates the person or event. 

What’s the difference between a gravestone and a grave marker?

A gravestone is a large stone with an inscription that marks the spot where a person is buried. A grave marker is a smaller, more decorative stone or plaque that is placed near a grave or burial site and typically has an inscription that commemorates the deceased. While grave markers can also be used to mark a person’s burial spot, they are usually used to provide additional information about the person’s life.

What is the average cost of a bronze grave marker?

The average cost of a bronze grave marker can vary depending on a number of factors, including size, design, and engraving. Generally, a small bronze grave marker can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500. Larger, more elaborate markers may cost up to $3,000 or more.