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Types of bronze plaques

Bronze plaques come in a variety of types, each with its own unique features and benefits. While we mostly work with cast bronze plaques, here are some of the most common types of bronze plaques:

Cast bronze plaques

These are created by pouring molten bronze into a mould, which is then cooled and polished and painted by our specialists to create the final product. This process requires proper materials, patience, skill and time! Cast bronze plaques are ideal for intricate designs and large text, and they offer a high level of detail and durability. This is the process we use most often, following your design in our online design wizard.

Bronze Cemetery Marker | Cast in bronze, custom sculpted design

Etched bronze plaques

Using an acid-etching process to etch designs, text and possibly other elements into the surface of the plaque, etched bronze plaques are well-suited for fine details and crisp text.

Engraved bronze plaques

These are created by using an engraving tool to carve designs and text into the surface of the plaque. Engraved bronze plaques are used for larger text and simple designs, and they offer a classic, timeless look.

Architectural bronze plaques

You’ve seen them in heritage buildings – these are specifically designed for use in architectural and design applications, and they are often used to provide information about buildings, monuments, and other structures. Architectural bronze plaques are typically larger than other types of plaques and are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Memorial bronze plaques

Coulter Berry Building, Ft. Langley BC Cast in bronze

These are used to commemorate individuals, events, or locations, and they are often mounted on graves, columbariums, walls, buildings and monuments. Memorial bronze plaques are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, and they are a popular choice for creating lasting tributes.

Whether you’re looking to create a commemorative piece, a marker for a historical location, or a unique work of art, there’s a type of bronze plaque that’s right for you.